5 Things You Should Plan First For Your Wedding

5 Things You Should Plan First For Your Wedding

The thought of planning you wedding can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start is likely to bring you out in a cold sweat! To give you a helping hand, here’s our expert advice for the 5 things you should plan first to have the perfect wedding day!


1. Plan your Wedding basics

Warning! This is the boring stuff!! However, trust me when I say, if you don’t get this bit right, you won’t have solid foundations for the rest of your planning and you will find it much more stressful!

So firstly, you need to cover off things like your budget, the sort of ceremony you want, the time of year for your wedding, your rough guest numbers. Set-up your spreadsheets and planning documents to get yourselves super organised.

TOP TIP: This is where investing in a wedding planning book can really help you if you aren’t planning on commissioning a professional Wedding Planner.


2. Set your Wedding style

You may want to read our blog about using Pinterest at this point because it’s packed with useful tips for using this tool to help with your planning. Being visual, Pinterest in a really useful way to start to build a picture of how you dream your wedding to be.

Defining your style is really important at this point because it will help you with your decision making. You will have lots of things to think about when planning your wedding, but having a clear vision and focus on what you want the end result to be like is so important. Ask yourself these key questions:

  • What is important to you? Food/music/design?
  • How do you want your wedding to feel?
  • How do you want your guests to feel?

You will find a whole section in The Wedding Blueprint dedicated to creating your own wedding day style, designing your own mood boards and really digging deep to find out how you can create a day which is entirely personal to you both.


3. Pick your Wedding venue

This is a real benchmark in planning your wedding!! You will find that once you have picked your venue so much more of your wedding day will flow from this point.

Hopefully, if you have done your prep work thoroughly you will have picked your venue in line with your style, budget and all the other key wedding criteria.

This is one of the earliest things you should book because then you will have a date and a confirmed location for other suppliers to use to build their costs around. Some venues get booked up two-three years in advance so just be mindful when you are booking your wedding date just how far ahead you may need to be looking to secure your ideal venue and suppliers.


4. pick your Wedding photographer

The reason I have put this next on the list is because Photographers get booked up fairly well in advance. So you need to be researching and shortlisting your photographer at least a year before your wedding date if this is a priority for you and something you are quite particular about.

Finding a great photographer who gets you and the type of wedding day you want to have is so important. A great place to start is to research who has photographed weddings at your chosen venue. You can do this by searching through your venue’s preferred or recommended supplier list. Another way is to search the venue on instagram and you should be able to find out which supplier’s have tagged their wedding work there.


5. Pick your wedding outfits

The reason this is at number 5 on our list of things to do first in your wedding planning is because some outfits can take many months to be produced and it’s not always an easy decision to make. For example, if you are having wedding dress, you may walk into a boutique and find a dress you love, this then needs to be made and shipped, then fitted and altered to you specifically. A large proportion of wedding dresses are manufactured in Australia and can take six months or so to be created. So if you factor this into your planning timeline you can see just what the impact can be if it takes you a while to book a fitting appointment at your chosen boutique and to find THE dress.

Equally, if you are having a suit tailored, there may be a waiting list and it can take many months to get the fitting absolutely spot on.

Then you need to think about all the extra accessories you may need which sometimes need to be matched to your final outfit to make sure you get the right colours, fabrics and textures to coordinate.

You may find this Hitched resource useful if you need more inspiration.