If you’ve just got engaged the chances are your brain is buzzing with ideas and you’re getting super excited about your wedding day. As you start collating your Pinterest board, sharing the news of your engagement and researching some ideas, you will soon start to find that there’s A LOT to think about and EVERYONE has an opinion!! The overwhelm will probably start to kick-in and that’s when you need to get organised.

So, how are you going to get organised? There are loads of options, whether you join a website and use their planning tools, something like Bridebook https://bridebook.co.uk is great, it’s completely free, packed with advice and has loads of suppliers on there that you can quickly contact and research. However, sometimes nothing can beat looking at a sheet of paper, I think it’s also an easier way to share information, assuming you aren’t planning this wedding alone!! Jotting down thoughts, sketching out ideas and sticking in magazine cut outs are all part of the wedding planning ritual! Going old-skool is fine to a point but being faced with a blank sheet of paper in a shiny new notebook can be just as daunting as the thoughts of planning your wedding in the first instance! Enter ….. the Wedding Planning Journal.

Getting organised with your wedding planning
Getting organised with your wedding planning.

What makes a good Wedding Planning Journal?

We are obviously a bit biased but having researched the market and used our stacks of experience we do feel ours pretty much ticks all the boxes but we’ll let you be the judge of that!!

  • Budget tracker
  • Guest tracker
  • Timeline of what you need to book and when
  • Space to jot down notes and inspiration
  • Space to keep receipts and loose sheets of paper
  • Allows you to keep all your planning notes in one place

In addition to all those tracking sheets, there can be extra things which are included that can really help you with your planning:

  • checklists
  • calendars
  • on the day timings
  • task lists

A lot of Planning books will have sections to help you keep track of your tasks so you progress through your planning in a logical order and keep organised.

Wedding Planning Book.
The Wedding Blueprint Planner

But what makes the ULTIMATE wedding planning book?

Having a planner book that goes one step further than all the points above can be even more useful! What about a planner that guides you through your wedding planning journey, offers advice, tips and a helping hand with your planning? What about a planner that inspires you, actually give you clear and executable actions to keep your planning focused and on track? What about a planner that provides a solid foundation for the rest of your planning, removing the stress and overwhelm?

Why should I pick the Wedding blueprint?

I like to keep track of everything on my phone, while I’m on the go?

Well, we have downloadable sheets for your planning so you can keep electronic updates to the trackers which are included. You get exclusive access to these once you buy your own planner.

I want to plan while I’m at work and I need to do it discretely.

Well, the benefit of our contemporary design is that the navy and white colour scheme is classy and understated, perfect for blending into all your office paraphernalia on your desk

I am put off buying one because they all talk about brides and girly dresses, we are a same sex couple and want something that we can relate to.

You are in luck, we have kept our planner gender-less, we do mention dresses and suits but not brides or grooms

But there’s loads of advice on the internet .

True, there is but this planner has been created by an experienced wedding planner so it WORKS!! The templates and tips are all tried and tested, plus it will save you bags of time trawling the internet because it’s a complete one-stop shop, from the moment you are engaged, through to post-wedding.

Click here to get your hands on your very own Wedding Blueprint planner, and let us know how you get on!